Art of living (Quote)

Art of living


Life Is a Journey Not a Race

Life is a journey and not a race. There are no fixed times or age that one much achieve a certain goal in life, e.g. owning a car, buying a house, having love relationship, getting married, having kids etc. However, societies has set aside some certain times or age that individuals must achieve these life goals, and if anyone conform deeply to that societal norms, life can be stressful. Psychologists have carried out various experiments which shows the existence and power of conformity, and how conformity can be resisted. If you can be autonomous in life, you will be happy and experience a fulfilled life. Life is a precious gift that everyone should enjoy to the fullest without social or peer pressure. Moreover, sociologists argued that age is nothing but a social construct, while physicists claimed that time is an illusion.

Philosophers and physicists argued that the nature of time has always inspired curiosity in humans. Albert Einstein contribution to theoretical physics was remarkable during his lifetime, albeit some people think he was a fraud. Physicists are now discovering more about the concept of time, and part of their discovery is that time is not absolute; and common sense can’t withstand that fact. Time is relative and flexible. According to Einstein, the separation between the past, present, and future is an illusion. Therefore, reality is ultimately timeless. This sounds rather strange from the perspective of classical physics; however, it seems reasonable from the perspective of consciousness theory and spirituality.

Don’t worry too much about your goals that are yet to be achieved, just stick to the plans you have made towards achieving those goals and be optimistic that someday you will achieve those goals. Don’t worry over time and get intimidated about other people’s achievements, as everyone have their own special time of success in life. The best you can do is to be courageous and optimistic in walking the journey of life at your own pace and intention. Don’t chase people, and don’t force things, as everything will fall in place when you least expect them. Finally, live your life for progress, not perfection.


“We are born free but constrained by the society, perhaps we can manage to achieve a certain level of freedom once we start questioning all we are taught to believe. Nevertheless, the absolute freedom can only be attained the day we completed the cycle of life.”

Cherish Yourself and Embrace Humanity

One Humanity by Geeta Biswas

We are not the same, but we are equal
According to the laws of creation
Melanin determines our complexion
But we are parts and pieces of Creation.
Who are we to judge one another?
Among us are philosophers and scientists
But we still live in hatred and confusion
Nature is there staring at us and smiling
While rubbing its immortality on our faces.
I won’t live my life being a colour
I see human beings beyond complexion
I see one humanity not various human race
I see billions with beautiful bodies and souls.
People are dying of inferiority complex
Cosmetic surgery are rampant this age
People has ventured into skin alteration
Dark-skinned wants to be light-skinned
Light-skinned wants to be dark-skinned.
Is it true that human nature is defective?
That slight difference makes us unique
We must be pleased in our various skins
Biology and culture regulates our lives
But we must utilize wisdom as we live.

Image credit: One Humanity by Geeta Biswas.

From Death To Life

DEATH is what is believed to be the end of all living creatures. As a result, death remains the greatest fear and loss to generations of humans, everyone living would love to live forever but no one wants to die, as most people lack the understanding that death is not the end of life. Life and death are intertwined, and this makes them difficult to distinguish. For instance, think about the death and regeneration of human body cells over time, in that sense one is constantly dying while living. Besides, life and death are not static for they continuously evolve progressively. Thus, when death terminates the biological functions of a living creature, it gives rise to another form of life. Death is a natural phenomenon which is inevitable, and humans should always remember that dying is also an act of living.

Living life positively is a choice for everyone, and death is a must for all creatures, and it is inevitable. Therefore, humans must learn and choose to live life positively and worry less about death since it is inevitable. Death is not the greatest loss in life, the greatest loss is when life dies inside a human while such human is still alive. No one asked to be born into this world — it just happen — that is why it is called “the gift of life”. Life is the greatest phenomenon, it is priceless and unique to everyone who is alive, and if you want to really enjoy this phenomenon, start celebrating this event called LIFE.

In the Woods Pt. 2

Like a stray stallion escaping the battlefield
I hit the ground running faster into the woods,
My heart throb twice faster as I cross the field
I could feel the uproar beneath my amour hood.
Breathless, I fly over crawl under trying to evade
Plain but foggy is the main path it leads nowhere,
The path less-travelled I took during my escapade
Only few wayfarers I met coming out of nowhere.
Drifted across a shady sylvan glade I keep moving
Arrived in a bright wooded dell with lush greenery,
The sylvan vista soothes my soul, I stop running;
I was astonished by the beautiful natural scenery.
— Victory at last, Silvanus have brought me here
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­     All due gratitude to the gravel that got me here.

Potential, Motivation, and Attitude

Potentials are the free gifts of abilities that the Creator has given unto you from birth, they are unlimited and likewise your achievements. It’s mandatory that you live up to your potentials by fully utilize your innate aptitudes towards achieving success in life. Nevertheless, always remember that motivation is essential to be happy, succeed and experience a wonderful life. That’s why you need a map to walk the journey of life, and motivation is the greatest map that will take you to your utopia. MAP in this context is motivation, which is broken down into three basic parts mastery, autonomy, and purpose by Daniel H. Pink.

Mastery is comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity. Mastery is made and developed, it is a process of continuous practicing of what you love doing with an aim and will to be better in that subject or activity. Autonomy is your ability to take responsibilities of your own thoughts, decisions and actions. This is very important when choosing the type of life you want to live, the type of education and profession you want in life. Purpose is the reason for which something is done, it is your sense of resolve or determination. The secret to some people’s high motivation at work is because of purpose, those people finds purpose in their work.

Finally, your attitude is what defines your outlook and perspective of life and how you will cope in some certain situations, that’s why it’s good to choose and maintain positive mindsets. Therefore, having a positive mindsets will help you maintain a positive attitudes in life. All things considered, all the aforementioned are essential for you to achieve remarkable success in life, to live the life you always aspire and to experience a wonderful life.

In the Woods

I woke up in a deep dense wood
Filled with confusion and doubt
Unable to see from where I stood
A discernible pathway out
For a long time I wandered
Till I observed along the way
A previous wayfarers’ standard
A path for everyone to obey.

I figure out as I was treading
The path I was on leads nowhere
The signs it left were misleading
It comprised unconscious snare
It was not enough to ignore them
Once the deception became known
I took the time and I tore them
As I created a pathway of my own.

In a foggy wood with eerie sensation
And the feelings of being lost for long
Courage became my sole munition
My vaporized soul condensed strong
Forging onward — persevering
I can’t do nothing else but try
To cut through to a clearing
Where I can clearly see the sky.

7 Practical Methods to Persist When Everything in You Wants to Give Up

Do you feel like all hope are lost, therefore you feel helpless?

We all get tired at some point in life, but this inevitable tiredness should not stop us from achieving our purposes in life and it should never deter our success in any way. Therefore, if you think the tide of life is up to your ears, there are few solutions that can help you persist and gather the momentum required to attain your life goals.

Below are seven practical methods to persist when everything in you wants to give up:

Pay less attention to others – Focus on yourself and be mindful, don’t worry about the success of others and get carried away by those who has make it before you, work towards your goals and you shall succeed.

Become your own biggest supporter – When you are getting those curve balls and life feels like rigorous test, the best things you can do is to be self-compassionate, self-motivated, and be courageous to keep your head up.  

Practice gratitude – Gratitude remains the best attitude. Learn to celebrate little wins, stop looking at the things you have not and start appreciating and be thankful for all you have got.

Focus on your strengths – Focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses. Check where you are lacking and utilize your potentials in building up those part of you that seems weak. Practice mindfulness and hone your positive energy.

Focus on what matters – There is one Yoruba adage that says, “Who counts the eye-wink of the crab will wait a lifetime by the river.” Your success destination is just few steps away, therefore you must keep moving.

Stop comparing yourself to others – Never try that for any reason, for it can land you where you don’t like, always accept yourself for who you are, and you will always be happy in life.

Acknowledge your limitations – Through self-awareness you will know yourself better and knowing yourself includes knowing your strengths and weaknesses.